• General Kinematics

    General Kinematics

    Vibratory Feeders/ Conveyors, Finger Screens, Classifiers, Recycling Systems, Fluidized Bed Coolers/Dryers, Shakeouts, Compaction Tables, Grinding Mills, Bin Activators

  • Marion Process Solutions

    marion solution

    Batch and Continuous Paddle and Ribbon Mixers for the Processing Industry. USDA Sanitary, Industrial & Commercial Paddle and Ribbon Mixers (1.5 to 600 cu.ft./hr). Fly Ash Conditioners; Test Units available

  • Acrison


    Volumetric Feeders, Gravimetric Feeders and Weigh Feeders

  • Universal Industries

    universal industries

    Bucket Elevators, Slider Bed Belt Conveyors, Troughing Roller Conveyors, Portable Belt Conveyors, “Z Style” Conveyor Elevators

  • Cyclonaire


    Pneumatic Conveying, Dense Phase, Semi Dense Phase, Dilute Phase, Dust Collection, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Flexible Screw Feeders, Bag Dump Stations, Rail Car /Truck Unloaders

  • Endura-Veyor


    Cleated Belt Conveyors, Corrugated Sidewall Conveyors, Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors, Z Style Conveyors, Slider Bed Belt Conveyors, Picking Belts and Picking Stations, Sorting Systems

  • Dings Magnetic

    dings magnets

    Permanent /Electro Magnets, Magnetic Deep Draw Drums, Swinging Pendulum Magnets, Magnetic Head Pulleys, Rare Earth Magnets, Grate Magnets, Plate Magnets, Over Belt Magnets, Self Cleaning Magnets, Scrap Lifting Magnets, Eddy Current Separators

  • Pneu-Con


    Central Powered Vacuum Systems, Coffee Conveying Systems, Just in Time Loaders, Powder Loaders and Receivers.

  • Columbia Machine

    columbia machine

    Valve Bag Impeller Packers and Air Packer, Heavy Duty Palletizers, Floor Level Palletizers, Load Transfer Stations, Palletizing Conveyors, Planetary Mixers, Bin Gates, Modular Bins

  • Industrial Screw Conveyor

    Industrial Screw Conveyor

    Screw Conveyors, Screw Feeders, Drag Conveyors, Live Bottom Bins

  • Airlanco


    Dust Collect, Filtration, Aeration, Air Locks, Centrifugal Fans, Axial Fans

  • Superior Industries

    Superior Industries

    At Superior Industries, our core values are the guiding principles behind the decisions our employees make everyday.

  • RFS Industries

    RFS Industries

    Sand Storage Bins, Vibratory Screens, Belt Aerators, Aerating Gates, Aerating Feeders, Bucket Elevators, Overhead Sand Systems with Molders Hoppers, Mold Handling, Pallet Lines, Mold Dump Shredder Belts, Soil Shredders, Conveyors, Magnetic Sand Separation, Flask Fillers

  • Finch Technology

    Finch Technology

    Kiln Repairs, Rotary Processing Components, Rollers, Shafts, Tires, Bearings